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antipático in inglese:

1. antipathetic antipathetic

Inglese parola "antipático"(antipathetic) si verifica in set:

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2. unfriendly

Nobody is unfriendly.
I dislike her unfriendly attitude.
He looked unfriendly at first.
Old homes, especially traditional Japanese ones, can be damp and unfriendly to modern life.
Can you figure out why the boss is so unfriendly this week?
The building was dark and unfriendly.
Mary looks unfriendly, but she is really very kind at heart.
She was so unfriendly that I wondered how I had offended her.
The people were really unfriendly. I didn’t like them at all.
Nobody wants to spend time with him because he’s so unfriendly.
Some of the students in my class are very unfriendly.
The people were unfriendly and refused to give me directions.
I think our new boss is rather unfriendly.
I met our new boss this morning and he was really unfriendly.
She had an unfriendly expression on her face.

Inglese parola "antipático"(unfriendly) si verifica in set:

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