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puro in inglese:

1. sinless sinless

Those whose sins are forgiven are deemed to be sinless that they may find the way to heaven.

Inglese parola "puro"(sinless) si verifica in set:

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2. unalloyed unalloyed

Inglese parola "puro"(unalloyed) si verifica in set:

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3. undefiled

Inglese parola "puro"(undefiled) si verifica in set:

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4. pure

His conscience is pure.
These days, the motives for marriage are not necessarily pure.
The very pure spirit does not bother about the regard of others or human respect, but communes inwardly with God, alone and in solitude as to all forms, and with delightful tranquility, for the knowledge of God is received in divine silence.
Truth is pure, but truth is painful. No sane, selfish person would ever accept things for what they are. Such is the masochism inherent in "truth".
Pure talk.
Some of my classmates are pure noobs; they know nothing about computing sciences.
With her pure voice, Kate shined outstandingly on the stage of a musical.
Today's pure mathematics is tomorrow's applied mathematics.
We arrived at that plan out of pure desperation, but the book sold well.
Unblended gold in its pure form is so soft, that one can knead it by hand.
She's pure bred blue-blood you see. Unfortunately that's no sort of put-on but her natural self.
There is but One who is absolutely by and through himself, — namely, God; and God is not the mere dead conception to which we have thus given utterance, but he is in himself pure Life.
With pure logic you can prove the biggest nonsense.
No matter how experienced is the woman, a pure young man will be able to enjoy a pure love.
Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind.

Inglese parola "puro"(pure) si verifica in set:

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