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recordar in inglese:

1. bethink bethink

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2. eventide eventide

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3. remember remember

Now I remember.
Cue cards are used primarily on television to help the actors remember their lines.
Now you've mentioned it, I remember coming here with my parents when I was a child.
Remember that oversleeping is no excuse for being late.
Whenever I hear that song, I remember my youth.
Choose a particular event you remember well.
Tom had been Mary's best friend for as long as she could remember.
Unless it's something fairly impressive, I won't remember it.
I remember it as if it were yesterday, but in reality it was fifteen years ago.
When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.
I remember singing scales every day during music lessons.
I remember the event as vividly as if it were just yesterday.
You were thoughtful to remember me in this way.
A good password should be difficult to guess, but easy to remember.
I remember having a hot discussion about the matter with him.

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4. recollect recollect

She says she doesn’t recollect the row.
I recollect his saying so.
As far as I can recollect, his name is Edward.
He recollected travelling abroad.
I don't recollect a conversation with him
I don't recollect meeting you before.
he doesn't recollect seeing her at the party
I can't recollect how to do it.
His remark made my recollect my schooldays.
Can you recollect his name?
Recollect my mother holding me tight.

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5. remind remind

What does this hat remind you of?
Let me remind you again that March 31st is the due date.
The group put up posters to remind people that noise is harmful.
I must remind myself
We remind you that our terms are 60 days net.
Such a one alone can remind us of our faults.
We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.
All I could mumble in response was that when I was a man of fifty, my mother would lean out of the window when I left and remind me not to drive too fast.
All the vibraslap does is remind everyone of the band Cake, which may be undesirable in some situations.
Don’t forget to water the plants. He reminded me to water the plants.
That reminds me, you forgot your rat tonic,” said Hermione
Use the information below the video to remind yourself how to help someone who is having a stroke.
Mum asked me to remind her to buy cabbage at the grocer’s.
The only thing I can remind him is to take medecine.
remind someone to / of / about something. I can’t think of his name – can you remind me? I need the notes to remind me what to say.

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