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señora in inglese:

1. madam

Please, madam, help yourself!
You know, she used to be a madam in the good old days.
We must find the money, Madam Chairman, for the sake of the children.
Didn't madam Rodriguez want to see my essay?

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2. mrs

Morning, Mrs. Virtanen.
Hello. Is it possible to speak with Mrs Johnson please?
Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.
Once again, Mrs. Lee speaks fondly of the past, and it is impossible to stop her.
Evidence that Harrison did not intend this work to be a parody can be seen in his letter to Mrs. Evans.
Mrs Takeda is quick to pick up on the local rumours.
Two policemen arrested a burglar. They caught him sneaking into Mrs. Miller's.
I had a class with Mrs. Tortello.
Each week, Mrs. Tanaka saves a little money for a rainy day.
Mrs. Brown warned Beth that if she didn't eat properly she would be permanently overweight.
Yes, all right, says Mrs. Lee.
The wood was kindled, the flames arose, and a mouldering heap of ashes was soon all that remained of Mrs Askew and her fellow martyrs.
Mrs. Bruce was the first female pilot to fly between England and Japan.
I'd like to make a person-to-person call to Mrs. Richards.
Mrs Cockburn concealed her name lest the knowledge of her sex and youth should produce a prejudice against her work.

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3. missus

I guess I should get home to the missus.
How's the missus?

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