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doucement in inglese:

1. gently

The priest's cassock billowed gently in the wind.
He put his hand gently on her shoulder.
He gently took the paper out of her hands and said, "It's time to rest."
She laid the child down gently.
The road ascends gently here.
The rocket landed sufficiently gently to avoid breaking its instruments.
Speak gently to everyone.
Why don't you try expressing your opinion a little more gently? Think about how he feels getting told flatly that he's being cut loose.
Hold the baby gently.
gently stir the salt water
His head nodded, and he snored gently.
The mother becomes irritated and frankly, but gently, tells Beth to leave the room.
He kissed her gently in the cheek
He touched me gently and kissed.
She put down the heavy object gently on the glass table so as not to break it.

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2. softly

He spoke softly to the men around him.
She sang the song softly.
The mother laid her baby on the bed softly.
You speak so softly that I cannot quite hear what you say.
She softly stole out of the room.
I walked softly for fear of waking the baby.
It rains softly on the city.
I have spread my dreams beneath your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
In the distance I hear the sound of softly murmuring roads.
The breeze softly caressed her face.
If someone is softly spoken,
I'd kiss the corner of your mouth... so softly.
Royce asked softly.
She was singing softly while playing guitar.
Smiling softly, he shook hands with his son and walked off.

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3. mildly

I was mildly disappointed.
That's putting it mildly.
Nigel Slater's quick, mildly spiced beef recipe.
She spoke mildly to the child even though he had been very naughty.
To put it mildly, Francis Henry Egerton, eighth Earl of Bridgewater liked dogs.
to put it mildly is used for saying that the words you have chosen are not as extreme as they could have been
"I think you've made a mistake," he said mildly.
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