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gomme in inglese:

1. gum

Do you have any gum?
She always has a piece of chewing gum in her mouth.
You have a gum infection.
Gum got stuck to the bottom of my shoe.
What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?
Some gum stuck to his shoes.
Tom had some gum stuck on the bottom of one of his shoes.
Believe it or not, it came in pack of gum.
Researchers at the Gorilla Foundation have to spell out words like "c-a-n-d-y" and "g-u-m" when Koko is nearby.
Then I sang a silly song about an ant who tried to wrestle a chewing gum.
a gum shield
She decorated her notebook with gum wrappers so the cover was all shiny.
The rooms in this hotel are really very bad at muffling sounds. I can hear my neighbor chewing his gum!
If your gums are sore or bleeding, see your dentist immediately
The gum adhered to the sole of the shoe.

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2. eraser

May I borrow your eraser?
May I use your eraser? I seem to have lost mine.
Many pencils have an eraser on one end.
Is it an eraser?
If you draw or write in pencil you can always rub out your mistakes with an eraser.
In bookstore he bought five metebooks, three pencils and one eraser.
Pocket calculators are as cheap to buy as a pair of socks, and as essential to thousands of British school children as a pencil and eraser.
Rub out these words with your eraser.

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