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habitant in inglese:

1. denizen

The woodpecker is a denizen of the forest.
Enigma of the trees, upside-down denizen of the night. Taunting gravity...

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2. inhabitant

Most of the inhabitants were asked to take part in the exercise during which they had to pretend that their city had been bombed.
The inhabitants are really polite.
How many inhabitants are in Warsaw?
This archipelago in the Indian Ocean has 596 inhabitants.
The inhabitants of many Pacific islands rely on the money that visitors spend.
A lot of inhabitants of my hometown complain about the dirt.
inhabitant registration office
American Indians are native inhabitants of the USA.
a city of five million inhabitants
As an inhabitant of this city, I can decide who I want my mayor to be.

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3. dweller

city, town, cave, etc. dweller
Almost all city dwellers saw this exhibition.

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