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nécessaire in inglese:

1. needful

We must not put them in more ​danger than is needful. Notify ​your ​bank and they will do the needful.

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2. necessitated

The rain necessitated a postponement of the picnic.

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3. necessary

It is necessary.
I made up my mind, then and there, that I would get the necessary million dollars within a week.
In order to study computational linguistics it's necessary to know various languages, however, one also has to be familiar with the use of computers.
According to functionalist theory, acne outbreaks provide a necessary limit on the number of prom attendees.
These things are much better spoken about face to face so that we can draw diagrams and demonstrate timings on logic analyzers and oscilloscopes where necessary.
So it is essential that you take the attitude of looking up yourself the information you feel necessary.
That the king can do no wrong, is a necessary and fundamental principle of the English constitution.
Beyond the Right's populism and the dispersion of the Left which have made this situation possible, I take full responsibility for this defeat and draw the necessary conclusions by retiring from political life after the end of the presidential election.
Fish do not have the brain development that is necessary for the psychological experience of pain or any other type of awareness.
Всё, что нужно|Everything that is necessary
It then became necessary to settle the best route for the line to follow; and that was determined, in the first place, by the shape of the land it had to cross.
She keeps asking us what we would like to wear during our holidays although she knows that we need only a few necessary things.

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4. needed

Whenever I needed money as a college student, my parents always came through.
Waiter needed.
MP (magic): Ability score needed to use magic. As you use magic it drops, but with time it recovers.
One problem is how the enterprises arrange posts for excellent female students, but another important point is whether the educational industry can grow and supply creative students needed for Japan's future.
Act now! he said, and in addition to his obvious meaning, he hinted that there were number of other important reasons why immediate action was needed.
Child-care leave and time off to care for the aged are needed in order to respond to demographic changes now taking place in Japan.
This source is dependable and predictable, but more research is still needed in this area.
About 50 percent of the firms in Japan have acknowledged the necessity of giving their workers longer holidays, and think summer holidays are needed to give their workers both mental and physical refreshment.
When I moved into my new home, I just brought with me the things that I needed for cooking, an earthen rice cooker, an earthenware pot and an earthen charcoal brazier.
But as civilizations grew more complex, better methods of communication were needed.
A bass drum, a snare drum, and cymbals were once all a composer needed to make a work sound exotic.
As Season 2 started, Dima decided that he needed a new look, and - reaching into the pocket of his Armani - pulled out a pair of supercool shades.
Peter was an altruistic video game player; he would give items to people who needed them, rather than selling them for personal profit.
I told the librarian that I needed the book for a report due on Friday; so she said she would call it in.
The depravity of the king's deeds lead the people to believe he was nothing more than a tyrant that needed to be overthrown.

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