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reconnaître in inglese:

1. reconnoitre

Inglese parola "reconnaître"(reconnoitre) si verifica in set:

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2. acknowledge

However, we are obliged to acknowledge that money, like everything else, has a price.
acknowledges or disputes
It was acknowledged even by his enemies, that in regards to wine he was abstemious
This is a fundamental truth that we must dare to acknowledge in this debate.
I acknowledged [admited] that it was my fault. I acknowledge him as our leader. Please, acknowledge the receipt of the package. I would like to acknowledge your invaluable help. I was standing right next to her, but she didn't even acknowledge me.
Superstitions derive from the inability of men to acknowledge that coincidences are merely coincidences.
My family find it hard to acknowledge that I married a man from a different country.
He acknowledged (the fact) that he had made a mistake. / I would be grateful if you could acknowledge my letter. / The manager sent a card to all the staff to acknowledge their hard work.
The definition of acknowledge means to state that something is real, factual or true. An example of acknowledge is agreeing that it is true that you were supposed to be home an hour ago.
It is dependent on our capacity to tell ourselves the truth in ways that acknowledge our strengths and qualities, whilst at the same time recognising our personal shortcomings and limitations.
I used to pass the same woman every day as I walked to work and never acknowledged her.
Do you at least acknowledge that not everyone thinks about things the same way you do?
As teenagers, our children acknowledge that while they may have missed out on some of the after school treats other children enjoyed, they were privileged in so many other ways.
I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter. Claire acknowledged that she was guilty.
Definition to acknowledge something means to accept that it is true

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3. recognising

Socrates said that recognising your own ignorance is the first step towards wisdom.

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4. to recognize

Inglese parola "reconnaître"(to recognize) si verifica in set:

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5. acknowledging

She walked away without acknowledging me.
He feels no reluctance in acknowledging errors.

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