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reste in inglese:

1. rest rest

Rest in peace.
If you work too long without a rest, it begins to tell on you.
The Bible, as a revelation from God, was not designed to give us all the information we might desire, nor to solve all the questions about which the human soul is perplexed, but to impart enough to be a safe guide to the haven of eternal rest.
The squid ink in arroz negro blackens the rest of the ingredients enough to make the Spanish dish a Goth staple.
You may rest assured; I have no ulterior motive in making this donation.
Roger Ascham one day paying a visit to the amiable but unfortunate Lady Jane Grey found her employed in reading Plato while the rest of the family were engaged in a hunting party in the park.
In the fourth place, even if we succeeded in carrying off the bear cubs, we could not run up a mountain without stopping to rest.
If you want to set your mind at rest and relax at home, first you have to not think about work matters.
A good Tatoeba contributor adopts orphaned sentences so the rest of us can focus on Christopher Columbus and his zany antics.
He who seeks a flawless horse or flawless wife, may rest assured that even if his work he did forsake, nor bed nor stable would he ever fill.
Big brother, you've got a bad fever?! Never mind the bags, rest in the shade of those trees!
We had a fairly good idea what the world thought of the United States. Now we also know what the United States thinks of the rest of the world.
He'd sat down for a moment to rest his weary legs and suddenly looked up and saw an elderly woman before him.
I feel smart today, to a degree that is in proportion to the amount of good rest I had yesterday.

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2. remainder

The remainder of this paper is organised as follows
He was excused from the remainder of the work.

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3. remnant

Remnants of the city's former glory. I am lost, running away from the remnants of my old life.
a remnant of imperialism; remnants of former greatness
This building is a remnant of the ancient times
the bogs are an endangered remnant of a primeval landscape
the remnants of last night's dinner
Jenya's remnants were excavated from Siberian permafrost
They are antiques, remnants of the Clone Wars.
The pursued remnant of soldiers decided it was high time for a show-down one way or another.

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