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ostaggio in inglese:

1. hostage hostage

The hostages were released this morning.
The terrorist let one hostage go, but kept the others captive.
Russia expresses regret for those lost in the hostage incident.
Two tourists were held hostage by terrorists.
There are no hostages or civilians currently at risk.
She was taken/held hostage by the gunmen.
The group are holding two western tourists hostage.
The terrorists took three people with them as hostages
My life has been taken hostage
The terrorists have seized 20 hostages and are threatening to kill one a day unless their demands are met.
It is hoped that the kidnappers will not carry out their threat to kill the hostages.
I sometimes thought of him as an authentic spirit who had been taken hostage by his own caricature, which he seemed increasingly powerless to escape.
He tried to brave it out while held as a hostage.

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CAE 651 - 675