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trapano in inglese:

1. drill drill

The loud drill gave her husband a headache.
I shiver at the sound of the dentist's drill. Don't drill here, there's a gas pipe.
to drill
A power drill is much more efficient than a hand drill.
I bought my husband a power drill for Christmas so he can do odd jobs around the house.
Japanese education is sometimes said to employ the drill and kill method.
Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.
There’s something wrong with that drill.
It gets me angry when neighbours drill on Sunday.
Once a year, we do an earthquake drill at school to practise what we would do if it really happened.
I drilled the hole in the wrong place, so I have to redo it
He drilled through the wall by mistake.
The thing I hate most about visits to the dentist is the drill.
In some of these schools, army-style drills are used to instil a sense of discipline.
"to instruct" is the same as " to teach", except that it is generally used more for a more straightforward type of teaching, often requiring some kind of drill.

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