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kijken in inglese:

1. watch watch

Watch out!
So you are really offering me a Roflex watch for 5 dollars?
If he did not watch so much television, he would have more time for study.
The students presented their teacher with a gold watch.
She employed a private detective to keep a watch on her husband.
Nothing gave her greater pleasure than to watch her son growing up.
American politics are interesting to watch, especially during a presidential election.
I always wear a watch so I know what time it is.
I don't watch a lot of movies, but I can't resist a good documentary.
When you watch television or listen to the radio, the music which you hear is often African in origin.
I wonder when they'll come out with a cell phone in a wrist watch.
They were able to identify him by his wrist watch.
I always watch the weather report before going out in the morning.
Hot weather will continue, so please watch out for food poisoning.
Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.

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2. watching watching

I'm watching a movie.
For example, they do not have to go to a stadium to see the World Series or the Super Bowl because they can enjoy watching the games in their own living rooms.
Watching television changes the role of the fans by making their participation more passive and distant.
She handed me the basket and suggested I wait until I got home to open it, in case anyone was watching.
We were planning to go to the cinema last night, but everyone was tired, so we ended up watching a movie at home instead.
My companions were watching me in silence and, unlike other times when my wonder had made them laugh, they remained serious.
Watching the Chinese new year parade seated on the balcony is so pleasant.
It's a painful 'truth' for us, but watching this movie brought home to me again the danger facing Earth.
There's a wildlife preserve on the river in town, if you're watching ducks that would be a good place.
It is our responsibility to institute round-the-clock watching of the site.
A prisoner is more obsessed with the idea of escaping than his warden by the idea of watching over him. Thus, a prisoner will always manage to escape.
When watching TV, please ensure that the room is brightly lit and watch from a distance.
This autumn I am, unusually, watching many drama series.

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3. to look to look

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