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przyznać in inglese:

1. admit

I admit he's smart, but does he have to talk over everyone's heads all the time?
admit to
In America everybody is of opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors.
That way you keep thinking about me but are unable to admit to your feelings, that hot and cold feel is a real boom among young men!
The violence and injustice of the rulers of mankind is an ancient evil, for which, I am afraid, the nature human affairs can scarce admit a remedy.
Houses should be built so as to admit plenty of light as well as fresh air.
Why don't you just call a spade a spade and admit that she dumped you for that American guy she met at the English school?
Although Al-Sayib would never admit it, the real reason he hates noobs that much is that he got pwned by one while Dima watched and laughed his ass off.
Every man would like to be God, if it were possible; some few find it difficult to admit the impossibility.
When one admits that nothing is certain one must, I think, also admit that some things are much more nearly certain than others.
We have a fundamental interest in seeing our neighbour admitted into this Community as soon as possible.
1. I must admit, I'm somewhat concerned For you, Michael. / 2. You know, I admit, I had my doubts. / 3. At first, I admit, I was afraid.
v. to accept ("admitted to the United Nations"); to express one's guilt or responsibility ("He admitted that what he did was wrong.")
to allow someone to enter somewhere, especially to take someone who is sick into hospital przyjmować UK to be admitted to hospital/ US to be admitted to the hospital
Not even at gunpoint will Imogen of the Internet admit she only learned CSS to spruce up her Myspace profile in the 2000s.

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2. concede

She is very stubborn, she will never concede.
The accountant would not concede the mistake.
The Prime Minister conceded that he had underestimated public discontent.
I concede that you were partly right
The first thing you must concede, however, is that your son can take care of himself.
Spiritual revelations were conceded to England at that favoured period, as at this.
i concede
He concedes that road design can only do so much.
1. Even the company chairman concedes that the results are disappointing. 2. Don't even try to convince her, she won't concede.
Don't even try to convince her, she won't concede.
We must concede that we committed an error.
We concede your right to this property.
I concede the argument.

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3. acknowledge

However, we are obliged to acknowledge that money, like everything else, has a price.
acknowledges or disputes
It was acknowledged even by his enemies, that in regards to wine he was abstemious
This is a fundamental truth that we must dare to acknowledge in this debate.
I acknowledged [admited] that it was my fault. I acknowledge him as our leader. Please, acknowledge the receipt of the package. I would like to acknowledge your invaluable help. I was standing right next to her, but she didn't even acknowledge me.
Superstitions derive from the inability of men to acknowledge that coincidences are merely coincidences.
My family find it hard to acknowledge that I married a man from a different country.
He acknowledged (the fact) that he had made a mistake. / I would be grateful if you could acknowledge my letter. / The manager sent a card to all the staff to acknowledge their hard work.
The definition of acknowledge means to state that something is real, factual or true. An example of acknowledge is agreeing that it is true that you were supposed to be home an hour ago.
It is dependent on our capacity to tell ourselves the truth in ways that acknowledge our strengths and qualities, whilst at the same time recognising our personal shortcomings and limitations.
I used to pass the same woman every day as I walked to work and never acknowledged her.
Do you at least acknowledge that not everyone thinks about things the same way you do?
As teenagers, our children acknowledge that while they may have missed out on some of the after school treats other children enjoyed, they were privileged in so many other ways.
I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter. Claire acknowledged that she was guilty.
Definition to acknowledge something means to accept that it is true

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4. conferred

The university conferred its highest degree on him.
She conferred with her lawyer.

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5. grant

People blamed General Grant.
Grant took 14,000 prisoners.
Grant us peace!
I have kept available the afternoon of the 20th and the 21st, and would like to know if Mr Grant will be available for a meeting on either of those two days.
If feeling sick of the world could by itself grant saintliness, I don't see how I could avoid canonization.
If you hurry, you can grant your luggage and get into the plane.
Even if I grant that what you say is true, it is no excuse.
Octal paid a large grant for the researchers to carry out some market research.
The troops fought with Grant against the Confederates.
Irish nationalists urged the British government to grant an amnesty to all political prisoners.
Do you grant any building permits?
give, receive a grant
Based on this count we agreed to have the TLs grant vacation to the teams.
He found it difficult to live on his student grant.

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6. award

The awards ceremony is on February 20.
His new movie earned him an Academy Award.
She received the award
Bill was singled out for a special award.
The "People's Choice" award, by public polling, was announced again this year and Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were selected as the most popular male, and female, film actors.
Mary received an award for her composition called "Secret love".
Despite criticism, the award procedure will not change.
Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
Twenty-year old Mandy was presented with an award by Princess Diana for her bravery and presence of mind during a horrific road accident last year.
We also try to see the films which have been given awards.
The prize is awarded annually.
I was awarded a $60,000 in damages at tribunal today.
They will award the title to the winner of the race.
I would like to get award in singing category.
He received an award of 10,000 pounds in compensation for his injuries.

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7. confer

I must confer with my colleagues on the matter.
They went off and conferred for a couple of minutes.;
they were made to confer an honorary degree on her”
They had been conferring since he gave his last order.
An honorary was conferred on him by the university.
to confer with sb about sth
He wanted to confer with his colleagues before reaching a decision.
let me confer with her
and confer upon him the title of Viscount
The genetic defect leading to Huntington's disease may not necessarily eliminate transcription, but may confer a new property on the mRNA or alter the function of the protein
If you have some troubles, I recommend you confer with him.
Whenever I'm in trouble, I confer with him.
Minds that have nothing to confer find little to perceive.

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