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1. sportsman sportsman

Usain Bolt is a famous sportsman.
A high-level sportsman is well payed.
His brother is a sportsman of our school.
Poor eyesight is a handicap to a sportsman.
He had the appearance of a sportsman.
He looks like a sportsman, but he is a writer.

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2. sportsman's

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3. athlete

John is a born athlete: he plays football, basketball and does judo training.
I am not an athlete.
The injury caused the athlete great pain.
One must practice every day in order to become a world-class athlete.
An athlete must keep in good condition.
Who's your favorite athlete?
I look for all the world like an athlete in this outfit, but the truth is I don't do any sports at all.
The athlete seemed immune from fatigue.
You can earn a lot of money as a professional athlete.
He was an example of a popular athlete in his days.
You must be a good athlete to have run a mile in such a short time.
Most athletes are really handsome.
Frank loves running, but he doesn’t want to be a famous athlete.
Fatima was one of Britain’s top track and field athletes.
She became a professional athlete at the age of 20.

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4. sportswoman

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5. sports person

He is not real sports person.

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6. sports player

Messi is a very popular sports player.

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