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wieszak in inglese:

1. hanger hanger

he drew back his hanger
The closet contained a second suit and three shirts, each on its own hanger with a necktie looped over it.
Because, when I told her I was going out to play with the kids, I was going door to door in the neighborhood to collect coat hangers to put in the basement to sell.
You have to pull the hangers apart to look in; then they fall onto the floor.

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2. coat hanger coat hanger

He hung the shirt on a coat hanger.

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3. rack rack

That car has a roof rack.
Rack your brains a little harder.
Put your luggage on the rack
The laundry rack is always in the way!
Please, help me to move this rack.
If you leave them lying on the desk they may roll off, so stand them in the test-tube rack.
Every store in town had a rack of books about the ghosts.
... pleasure is a good rack of ribs, even at 7:30...
She's perfect - she got a big booty and an enourmous rack.
Twenty racks, a table cut from ebony...
I've gotta buy a new rack.
drying rack
a wine/plate/CD rack
Dave doesn't care what women look like, so long as they have a great rack.
Well then I'll allow two on a bike, but you pedal, because I'll ride on the rack.

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4. a coat

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5. hook

I baited the hook.
I got several bites, but could not hook a fish.
He hooked the umbrella over his arm and went outside.
Does a worm scream silently when a fisherman impales it on a hook?
The hook doesn't catch.
With one glorious right hook, Punkin' Pie uncrowned the reigning heavyweight champion.
The driver attached the tow hook to the front end of her car in order to pull it onto the tow truck.
Everytime I hear this hook on the radio I just want to dance.
It has to be a great song, with a great hook, great lyrics, and a great melody.
He's a pirate with a hook instead of a hand. (On jest piratem z hakiem zamiast dłoni.)
The concert was the main hook of the event.
How could you hook me? I trusted you.
We want to make all our points while we've got them hooked!
They hooked me into paying for everybody's lunch.
I want to hook another communication line into the system.

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