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zasłony in inglese:

1. curtains curtains

She put up the new curtains today.
If you touch this switch, it will open the curtains automatically.
What's your favorite color for curtains?
The bedroom curtains have faded at the edges.
I can't see in because the curtains are closed.
net curtains
The curtains are yellow.
I close the curtains on winterights to keep the room warm.
Please don't draw the curtains when the window is open.
What sort of curtains do you think would go with the carpet?
Close the shutters and draw the curtains. There must be as little light as possible.
House dust mites can be found in mattresses, carpets, curtains and stuffed furniture.
The room looks different after I've changed the curtains.
I couldn't decide which curtains to buy: navy blue or chocolate brown.
There are blue curtains in the window and light blue roller blinds

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2. hangings hangings

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3. drapes drapes

Mary will buy satin material for her new drapes.

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