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a contribui in inglese:

1. contribute contribute

Everyone is free to contribute.
This inefficiency is a result of the animal's large body and massive legs and feet, which contribute a sideways motion to its walk.
Working, healthy people contribute to the reduction of medical expenses, the rise of the eligible age for benefits, and the curtailment of their costs.
Let us students contribute to the welfare of the victims of the earthquake; even pin-money will go a long way.
As a similar feature it is noted that students engaged in fund-raising activities rarely contribute money they have earned themselves.
Since many organizations are putting effort into recycling in order to restore the natural environment, why won't you contribute to reforestation?
Do my English homework or not do my English homework and contribute to Tatoeba, that is the question.
I contributed to a website called Wikileaks, where anonymous volunteers leak confidential government information or hack into computer files worlwide and put them on the Internet.
Fiftywordstories.com is a website to which people from all over the world contributefifty-word stories in English.
Everyone contributed towards Paul’s leaving party by bringing food and soft drinks.
It's a work group and as much as you hate such tasks, you still should contribute to it. Everyone has to do their part.
Each partner has to decide how much money he or she is going to contribute to the partnership. Contribute means the same as invest.
Aren't you going to contribute towards Jack's leaving present? She contributes to several magazines.
Although several factors contribute to this difference, the shape of the wing is the principal.

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