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fast form in inglese:

1. solid solid

Ice is solid.
The process by which substances are turned directly from a solid state into a gas is called sublimation.
The bureaucrats maintain solid ties with the gigantic corporations.
He had established a solid reputation as a man of character.
The sea ice is highly variable - frozen solid during cold, calm weather and broken up in large areas of open water during storms.
Globalization has gone mad: why transport Spanish cucumbers to exterminate the Northern Germans when half of them live in Mallorca? We need to rationalize all of that and adopt a more solid method of bacterial decontamination.
Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, and other mammals.
solid three days/ solid partnership/ solid pices
solid rock
it works by building up layer upon layer of material to make solid objects
In the old days people used to build solid comfortable houses.
Banks are usually solid buildings, so that their strength reassures customers.
It took me two solid months to finish that job.
As yet, they have no solid evidence.
Can you do me a solid?