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(in basketball) the player who directs the team’s attacking players; the most important gamer in the basketball
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point guard
a student in the second year of a course of study at a college or university
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(in tennis) a hit that is made after the ball has bounced
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to give somebody an award, a university degree or a particular honour or right; nadawać, przyznawać, przyznać (np. tytuł, status)
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to confer
most important; main; the first in the order of importance
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the quality of not giving up something easily; the quality of being determined; upór, nieustępliwość, zawziętość
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to be formed from the people or things mentioned; made of sth; składać się z czegoś
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consist of
very prestigious
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extremely important, because it will affect other things; synonyms: critical, essential; significant; niezbędny, istotny, ważny, decydujący
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enough for a particular purpose; as much as you need; good engough; wystarczający, dostateczny
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This is a person who is jointly in charge of something, such as planning an event, with another person.; współprzewodniczący, współprzewodnicząca
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a co-chair
being the total amount of something before anything is taken away; brutto
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the state or quality of being dedicated; poświęcenie, oddanie, zaangażowanie
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