travel and transport

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At check-in, I asked for an aisle seat but was told that there were no seat numbers.
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baggage reclaim
I waited at baggage reclaim for 50 minutes before I realized that my baggage had been lost.
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odbiór bagażu taśma
You can’t take your bike on some trains, which means you may have a long walk when you get off.
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car park
The car park was full so I had to drive around for ages looking for a space.
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There are too many cars on the road these days.
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boarding card
I checked my boarding card on the plane and realized that the man was sitting in my seat.
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karta pokładowa
I ran for the train, to find that the carriage was so full I had to stand.
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(suit) case
In many hotels these days, you are expected to carry your own cases to your room.
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check-in desk
When I got to the check-in desk, they said they weren’t holding a flight reservation in my name.
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stanowisko odprawy pasażerów
Travelling by coach is fine as long as there are no hold-ups on the motorway.
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In wet weather you need to drive more slowly because it is easier to crash.
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zderzyć się, rozbić się (samochodem)
cycle lane
Many towns have cycle lanes, which encourages people to travel by bike.
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ścieżka rowerowa
(parking) fine
I thought I’d parked legally, so was surprised to receive a fine.
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mandat, grzywna, kara
When I saw the queue at security I was worried that I might miss my flight.
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Once through airport security, I had to run to the gate.
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wyjście (na lotnisku)
You should always wear a helmet when out cycling to guard against head injuries.
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Once you take into account check-in and security, many journeys take less time by train than by plane.
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The plane landed 10 minutes ahead of schedule.
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The lorry was travelling at well over the 60 mile an hour speed limit for heavy goods vehicles.
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The airlines mislaid my luggage so I had to buy new clothes when I reached my destination.
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Motorbikes can be difficult for car drivers to spot.
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motor, motocykl
There was an accident on the M1 motorway near Leeds.
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pedestrian area
My town has several pedestrian areas, which make shopping more pleasant for people on foot.
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pedestrian area
petrol station
I was worried that I wouldn’t able to find a petrol station before my car ran out of fuel.
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stacja benzynowa
At Waterloo station, I bought a paper and walked to the platform.
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public transport
In London, the buses and trains are expensive, whereas public transport in other countries is cheaper.
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transport publiczny
railway station
Just outside the railway station I looked up and saw Avignon’s medieval city walls.
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dworzec kolejowy
road works
There were lots of traffic jams because of all the road works.
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roboty drogowe
rush hour
I work nine to five, so I can’t avoid rush hour traffic.
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godzina szczytu
A scooter is quicker around town than a car.
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seat belt
It’s illegal not to wear a seat belt in a car.
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pas bezpieczeństwa
speed limit
The speed limit on a motorway in France is higher than in the UK, so be careful.
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ograniczenie prędkości
take off
The plane took off smoothly and we were soon up in the clouds.
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taxi rank
There was a long queue at the taxi rank so I decided to catch the bus.
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postój taksówek
the underground
The underground in London is very extensive, and includes trains that travel above the ground.
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ticket office
You can buy your ticket at the ticket office.
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kasa biletowa
traffic jam
I’m stuck in a traffic jam so will be late.
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traffic lights
When cars stop at the traffic lights, some cyclists continue forward.
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światła sygnalizacyjne
Travelling by tram in San Francisco is very exciting, because of the hills.
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Flying is my favourite form of travel.
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She described the holiday as the trip of a lifetime.
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wycieczka, podróż
We’ll hire a van if there’s too much stuff to fit in the car.
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furgonetka, samochód

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