1000 most important Swedish nouns 451 - 500

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ett berg
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en framgång
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en strand
Go west and you'll find them.
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Gå västerut och du ska hitta dem.
Chemistry is my favourite subject.
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ett ämne
Kemi är mitt favoritämne.
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en eftermiddag
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1000 most important Swedish nouns (last part)

Here you will find a list of the translation of the 1000 most important Swedish nouns, whether they are collective, abstract, common, possessive, compound, proper, neuter or irregular. Try to learn a new language with Vocapp and different types of nouns, you will find as well some examples of the basic nouns in English to Swedish in useful phrases. They are one thousand in total and you will notice how it will be easy to keep them all in mind!

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