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翻: "to turn over" 天: "sky"/覆: "to turn round", "to turn upside down"/ 地: "earth"
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a very big change
It lit. means "sky and the earth turning upside down". It indicates a very big and drastic change.
焕: "brilliant" /然: stands for "like"/ 一: "one"/ 新: "new"
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to look brand-new
It lit. means "brilliant like a new one". It denotes a brand-new look.
破: "to break"/ 釜: "cauldron" 沉: "to sink"/舟: "boat"
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to make hasty decisions, but there is no turning back.
It lit. means "to break the cauldrons and sink the boats ". It refers to an ancient story of a ship that was sunk, and its cauldrons destroyed to push the army to fight stronger against the enemy to win and survive.
不: "not"/ 三: "three"/ 不: "not"/ 四: "four"
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shady, dubious
It lit. means "not three, not four". It refers to something that is neither one thing nor the other, something dubious.
一路: "one road", "one way"/ 平安: "safe and sound"
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have a pleasant journey, bon voyage
It lit. means "one way safe and sound". It is used to wish someone to have a safe journey.
恍然: "suddenly"/ 大: "big"/ 悟: "to realize"
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to suddenly realize
It lit. means "to suddenly reach a big realization". It simply denotes the act of suddenly realizing something.
完:"intact"/ 璧.: "jade"/ 归: "to return", "to give back"/ 赵: Zhao, a person's name
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to return something to its owner in perfect conditions
It lit. means "to return the jade (intact) to Zhao". It refers to an ancient story of a servant who brought back a precious jade intact to his king, after this Jade was unfairly given to someone else.
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