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beschäftigen in inglese:

1. employ employ

They employ temporary workers.
If he is proficient in English, I'll employ him.
They employ foreigners because Japanese workers are in short supply.
His age didn't enter into our decision not to employ him.
It has become common practise to employ foreigners working abroad from Asian countries as maids.
Japanese education is sometimes said to employ the drill and kill method.
Do you have a John Harrison in your employ?
However, like America, Japan is predominantly a middle-class, middle-income country, and so wives do not employ maids, but attend to everything themselves.
To employ means to use somebody's labour or services in exchange for money.
He's employed in a bank
Over 16.5 million people are employed in the food industry.
In Poland you can't be employed, if you are under 18.
We can also change the type of physical isolation we employ for them.
Don't employ any complicated vocabulary while talking to him.
The temporary workers that we managed to employ left work right away.

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2. preoccupy preoccupy

Economic concerns are preoccupying the voters in this election.

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