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heilen in inglese:

1. heal heal

He pretended to heal patients but never managed to.
In older people, wounds take a long time to heal.
A sprain like this should heal within a week or so.
It takes time to heal from a divorce.
Physician, heal thyself.
I Healed her, and she is sleeping. I want to learn how to heal with magic.
While the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress.
Apologizing isn't going to heal hundreds of second-degree burns, sir.
He sustained an injury which will take a month to heal completely.
A sick soul that holds on tight to anger and hate will never heal until it lets go of those demons.
We don't heal the past by dwelling there. We heal the past by living fully in the present.
Time heals many wounds
Jesus can heal your pain in your heart.
Definition if a wound or a broken bone heals or if something heals it, it recovers and becomes well again
What should you do if a wound doesn't heal properly?

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2. cure cure

Many people believe acupuncture can cure diseases.
He peddled his "miracle cure" to desperate cancer patients.
cure for
Doctor, cure me.
A soft answer is a specific cure of anger.
We all labour against our own cure; for death is the cure of all disease.
Laughter is the only cure against vanity, and vanity is the only laughable fault.
It'll cure itself naturally.
His cure is a miracle!
life: a sexually transmitted disease which always ends in death. There is currently no known cure. A medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieves pain.
I have depression. | People have it worse than you. Got over it. | I'm cured. Ha ha ha ha. Provide a cure for, make healthy again.
He is working really hard to find me a cure.
1. I suppose there's really only one cure for loneliness. / 2. I'll get you some special medicine from my personal pharmacy. / 3. My new cure makes my throat so dry.
find cure
Bacteria are dangerous because they cause infections which may be difficult to cure.

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german medical terminology

3. mend mend

Love can mend your life.
I can't mend it
Can you mend these shoes for me?
My old house giving me trouble. I have to mend a part of it every day.
The town needs to mend these roads.
It is never too late to mend.
I do feel on the mend.
The only thing to do was to wait for my internet provider to mend the connection.
Jo, you will mend that table as best you can.
A good tailor will be able to mend that hole in the coat.
Get a plumer to mend that pipe.
Mother always mends my father’s socks.
He mends computers.
foot injuries can take months to mend
It's now your turn to be mended

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