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prepare in inglese:

1. to to

Go to sleep.
I hope to one day speak German as well as you speak English.
Why aren't you going? "Because I don't want to."
It took me more than two hours to translate a few pages of English.
Look at me when I talk to you!
Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.
Nobody ever comes to see us in this out-of-the-way village.
If I can get into university, I am hoping to learn to speak two foreign languages.
Fewer workers meant fewer people with money to buy goods.
Franklin Roosevelt was born to a rich and important New York family.
Two roundtrip tickets to Osaka, please.
The president was quoted as saying he would like to visit Japan soon.
You are welcome to the use of our house while we are away on vacation.
It began to rain heavily just as we got to the gate.
According to the weather forecast, the rainy season will set in next week.

2. to make or get ready to make or get ready

3. draw up draw up

He had a solicitor draw up his will.
draw up (= prepare and write) a proposal and present it to the client
Government, companies, and even sometimes individuals, have to draw up budges in order to estimate their future income and expenses.
I need to draw up a new offer.
The European Commission and the Member States must draw up an action plan to this end.
Our lawyers are going to draw up a new contract tomorrow.
i draw up my shirt becouse it is to long
You should draw up an apology letter.

4. to make or get something or someone ready for something that will happen in the future

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5. to make food ready in advance of eating or cooking it

6. set up

set up copmany
Being a sole trader is a simplest way to set up and run a business and does not involve paying any registration fee.
"If you already use Google Wallet on your computer, or if you're setting up your Google Wallet account for the first time from your mobile device, you'll need to set up your PIN. "
1. She set up a support group for single parents. 2. The firm was set up by an American entrepreneur.
On my first day at work, everything was set up for me at my desk -- computer, chair, phone, everything.
"Set up" means "to prepare equipment or software for use". Example: The kids set up a tent during our summer camping trip.
a group of film stars set up a charity to help young people in this area
I think I'm being set up.
For many people, videoconferences are just too difficult to set up.
In which of these cities was the capitl of the USA originally set up 1) New Yourk, 2) Washington, 3) Philadelphia? The capital of the USA was originally set up in Philadelphia
whenever Community law requires the setting up of competent authorities, Gibraltar sets up its own competent authorities, distinct from those set up for the same purpose in the United Kingdom
Let's go set up some more crotch catapults so we can laugh and be heroes.
Bill and Melinda Gates set up a foundation to provide vaccinations.
Nowadays it is quite a risk to set up a new business. In The UK, 20% of businesses fail in their first year.
In 1516 King Henry VIII set up the Royal Mail for royal communications and reasons of national security.

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phrasal verbs

7. preparation

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.
We all made preparation for the meeting.
My older brother did all the preparation.
In preparation for painting a portrait, my friend takes many photographs in order to study the subject closely.
We failed due to a lack of preparation.
I also wanted to enjoy the break, but thanks to preparation and supplementary lessons for a certain six-man team, I got none!
She practiced curtsying in the mirror in preparation for her meeting with the queen.
Each stage of life is a preparation for the next as well as a complete life in itself.
Right now I'm training in preparation for the day we set off.
Two nights isn't a lot of time for preparation. Preparation time
He sometimes spends hours on the preparation of one meal.
The England team have begun their preparation for next week's game.
Coach is responsible for preparation football players.
the preparation of a draft contract; the project is in preparation
A typical nurse will do such things as helping with a urinal bottle, and shaving in preparation for surgery!

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Słowotwórstwo - angielski

8. get the meal ready

9. to get ready

It is time to get ready for Monday.

10. prepare for

11. for

Is this for me?
This book is for students whose native language is not Japanese.
The bricklayer calculated that he would need 500 bricks for the wall.
The people next door were annoyed with us for making so much noise last night.
Why do you insist on paying for your school expenses yourself, when your parents are willing to give you financial support?
He attended the high school for three years without missing a single day or being late.
Even though I have studied English at school for the past six years, I'm still not good at speaking it.
The market for luxury goods is growing fast.
For all his wealth, he was still unhappy.
I will do that work on condition that I get paid for it.
Almost everyone in the class voted in favor of having a thank-you party for the teachers.
How about going for a drive to Lake Yamanaka with us tomorrow?
The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.
After spending three weeks looking for a job, he found a well-paid one.
Your boyfriend got tired of waiting for you and left just now.

12. she prepared to use all her tools

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verb + infinitive

13. prepare to do

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