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animar in inglese:

1. hearten hearten

He was heartened by the news.
The news heartened everybody.

Inglese parola "animar"(hearten) si verifica in set:

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2. enliven enliven

I will enliven my speech with a joke.
What is political science? From the "political," people will probably first associate it with the political incidents that enliven journalism.

Inglese parola "animar"(enliven) si verifica in set:

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3. animate animate

animate and inanimate objects. animated by the thrill of the chase
His arrival immediately animated the party.

Inglese parola "animar"(animate) si verifica in set:

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4. to encourage

President George W. Bush worked to encourage closer ties with Poland.
to encourage somebody

Inglese parola "animar"(to encourage) si verifica in set:

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5. to cheer up

Inglese parola "animar"(to cheer up) si verifica in set:

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