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impedir in inglese:

1. hinder hinder

Nothing will hinder her study.
His career has been hindered by injury.
Red tape hinder a company's entry into a market
Don't hinder me in my work.
An injury was hindered him from playing his best.
It'S not clear whether the change will help or hinder our project
‘language barriers hindered communication between scientists.
issues that hinder their ability to perform efficiently
High winds have hindered firefighters in their efforts to put out the blaze
The hindering of an enterprise with dozen of regulations is one reason why our goals could not be achieved
The idea of building hospitals that help rather than hinder recovery is beginning to gain support in Europe.
Our progress was hindered by potholes in the road.
The Polish people do not want to hinder development of the European Union.
Too much information on the label may actually hinder the buyer when making a choice.
Financial problems may hinder the timely execution of the whole project.

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2. to impede to impede

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