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artificiel in inglese:

1. factitious

Inglese parola "artificiel"(factitious) si verifica in set:

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2. contrived

He contrived to cheat in the examination.
Dates can feel contrived, whereas a party feels organic.
Antoni Gaudí. He contrived highly original designs – irregular and fantastically intricate, which belonged to the Art Nouveau movement
contrived - showing effects of planning or manipulation
It is, admittedly, a contrived example, because most applications will use a variety of means to position elements.
paradoxes problem seems to contrived
... on Sundays, when I contrived to be in the...
There was nothing contrived or calculated about what he said. 2. It mustn't sound like a contrived compliment. 3. Contrived examples
If the battle at the end is a bit too contrived, no matter.
During the imprisonment of Sir Thomas a frequent intercourse of letters passed between him and this beloved daughter and when deprived of pen and ink he contrived to write to her with a coal.
It is certain that Emmet contrived his 'dyad' style to facilitate the process of architectural design.
I contrived to leave my wallet behind.
He contrived a new engine that does not use gas.
He contrived a means of speaking to Nancy privately.

Inglese parola "artificiel"(contrived) si verifica in set:

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