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assurer in inglese:

1. belaying belaying

Inglese parola "assurer"(belaying) si verifica in set:

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2. ensconce

After dinner, I ensconced myself in an armchair with a book.

Inglese parola "assurer"(ensconce) si verifica in set:

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3. ensuring

The ensuring chaos meant that the result-oriented tutor centers, which often specialize in English, turned out to be beneficiaries.
Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

Inglese parola "assurer"(ensuring) si verifica in set:

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4. assuring

Inglese parola "assurer"(assuring) si verifica in set:

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5. insure

Insure it, please.
You’d better insure your car.
His appearance was so repulsive that I had to have my mirrors insured.
You should insure the painting for at least £100,000.
our company will insure you in case of any accident
The policy insures you against damage and theft.
We agreed at our last meeting that we would insure the company here.
Insure your house against fire.

Inglese parola "assurer"(insure) si verifica in set:

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6. secure

I put the money in the bank, so it's secure now.
Children need limits in order to feel secure.
Please secure your seat belt during takeoff and landing.
Can you secure me two good seats for the concert?
It is necessary to secure financing for local road maintenance.
Now that you’ve locked all the doors, the house is totally secure.
they are secure
Don't climb that ladder - it's not secure.
Jobs are less secure and people must work harder to keep them.
I need to make sure all is secure in my apartment.
If you are sitting next to someone who may need your assistance, please secure your mask first and then secure their mask.
These phones use a password, which is not so secure.
secure the shelf to the wall
How many police units would be necessary to secure a football match for 50,000 fans?

Inglese parola "assurer"(secure) si verifica in set:

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7. to assure

to assure good conditions
He called me to assure if i felt good.

Inglese parola "assurer"(to assure) si verifica in set:

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