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point in inglese:

1. dot dot

Be at the station at eleven on the dot.
She bought a dress with dots.
She never got my email. I must have missed the dot in her email address or something
We watched her drive her car away, until it was no more than a dot in the distance.
He who minds his Ps and Qs will not forget to dot the "i's" and cross his "t's", when writing.
Will you put a dot before the names of the successful students?
A dot is a small spot.
Go to www dot shop dot pl
The female fish is yellow, with tiny orange dots on the tail.
The full stop at the end of this sentence is a dot.
a pattern of dots
Is there a dot between your names on your email address?
The plane was just a dot in the sky.
There are dots above the letters i and j.
Bye, see you tomorrow. "Oh, what's this? Leaving on the dot again?"

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2. stitch stitch

He had to have 7 stitches.
A stitch in time saves nine.
He didn't do a stitch of work.
Saulius has three stitches on his forehead.
My grandmother can sew with decorative stitches.
He had to have 7 stitches. She had to have three stitches to her left hand.
I went to hospital to have my stitches taken out.
The doctor stitched the cut in his arm carefully.
Jack is a stitch. Everybody wants to be around him, because it's the best way to have a lot of fun.
I can't run anymore. I have a stitch.
Secure the two pieces together with a couple of stitches.
they stitched the cut on her face

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