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sportif in inglese:

1. sportive sportive

Inglese parola "sportif"(sportive) si verifica in set:

Fiches du livre - "Poems" (Sam G. Goodrich)
Fiches du livre - "Poems" (Matilda Betham)
Fiches du livre - "His Sombre Rivals" (E. P. Roe)
Fiches du livre - "The Sea Fairies" (L. Frank Baum)
Fiches du livre - "Cottage Poems" (Patrick Bronte)

2. sportsman's sportsman's

Inglese parola "sportif"(sportsman's) si verifica in set:

Fiches du livre - "Comical People" (Unknown)
Fiches du livre - "The Young Guard" (E. W. Hornung)
Fiches du livre - "When Day is Done" (Edgar A. Guest)
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Fiches du livre - "The Boy Trapper" (Harry Castlemon)

3. sportsman sportsman

Usain Bolt is a famous sportsman.
A high-level sportsman is well payed.
His brother is a sportsman of our school.
Poor eyesight is a handicap to a sportsman.
He had the appearance of a sportsman.
He looks like a sportsman, but he is a writer.

Inglese parola "sportif"(sportsman) si verifica in set:

Fiches du livre - "The Bores" (Moliere)
Fiches du livre - "A Butterfly Chase" (P. J. Stahl)
Fiches du livre - "Eirik the Red's Saga" (Anonymous)
Fiches du livre - "Two Strangers" (Margaret Oliphant)
Fiches du livre - "Hunting Sketches" (Anthony Trol...

4. sportsmanlike sportsmanlike

Inglese parola "sportif"(sportsmanlike) si verifica in set:

Fiches du livre - "The Human Boy" (Eden Phillpotts)
Fiches du livre - "Speaking of Prussians" (Irvin S...
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5. sporting sporting

I took part in the sporting event.

Inglese parola "sportif"(sporting) si verifica in set:

Fiches du livre - "Two Yellow-Birds" (Anonymous)
Fiches du livre - "The Dogs' Dinner Party" (Unknown)
Fiches du livre - "The Goblins' Christmas" (Elizab...

6. athletic athletic

You're smart, handsome and athletic. That means I'm a little bit athletic. Actually, my boyfriend wasn't really athletic.
The athletic meeting was put off.
Jack's athletic figure was attractive to girls.
My family are all athletic.
The boy put on his athletic shoes and ran outside.
Linguists are both athletic and educated, and that's just their tongues.
Jane had her hair cut short before the athletic meet.
The shapeless dress was very unflattering of her athletic figure.
Tomorrow there will be no normal lessons, in view of the athletic meet rehearsal.
It's currently so difficult to beat some world records in athletics because the human body has its limits.
The weather is unfavorable for our athletic meet today.
Athletic boys are popular with girls in American schools.
My sister exercises a lot. That's why she is so athletic.
Sheila is a tall athletic girl who can do heavy work on a farm.
He is very athletic.

Inglese parola "sportif"(athletic) si verifica in set:

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