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halaman rumput in inglese:

1. lawn lawn

Tom doesn't even know how to start a lawn mower.
Mow the lawn
This lawn mower runs on petrol.
I wasn't usually home when the lawn was cut, so all I ever saw were the results.
Although it seemed like a lot of money to spend just because I was too lazy to cut my own lawn, I turned the whole thing over to him.
It began to rain, so he need not have watered the lawn.
The house isn't huge and it's on about two-thirds of an acre, and when we first bought it I spent several hours every week getting the lawnmower fixed and cutting the lawn, in that order.
The close-cropped lawn is beautiful in the eyes of a people whose inherited bent it is to readily find pleasure in contemplating a well-preserved pasture or grazing land.
Some lawn equipment is loaded into the jerry-built cart.
Or would I were a little burnish'd apple For you to pluck me, gliding by so cold, While sun and shade your robe of lawn will dapple, Your robe of lawn, and your hair's spun gold.
The lawn always looked better on Tuesdays, but I began to notice he wasn't getting as close to the trees as he used to.
We need to regularly cut our lawn to keep it short.
lawn grass
Will you mow the lawn at the weekend?; I scattered grass seed all over the lawn.
He's charging me roughly four times as much as he charged when he started cutting my lawn.