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disgustoso in inglese:

1. disgusting disgusting

You're disgusting!
What's the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?
It's disgusting that there are no schools or hospitals for these people.
He painted my house a disgusting colour. / 2. This is disgusting, I won't sleep here. / 3. You're pasty and wet and disgusting.
It's disgusting that you're sleeping in the movie theatre even though you came to see a movie!
Somebody's breathing on my face. It's disgusting.
How dare you speak about my husband in that disgusting way!
Many people think that insects are disgusting.
What kind of food often tastes or smells disgusting?
What's that disgusting smell? The kitchen was in a disgusting state when she left.
What's that disgusting smell? /dɪsˈɡʌstɪŋ/
Everytime when I try to cook sth it tastes disgusting.
I swallowed some really disgusting food and described it as delicious, just to be polite.
he had the most disgusting rotten teeth
There's a disgusting smell in the bathroom.

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2. foul foul

He uses foul language whenever he gets angry.
We must get rid of this foul garbage right away.
The police found no signs of foul play in the apartment.
He called the ball foul.
There's a foul smell in the kitchen.
No love is foul nor prison fair.
They should never play foul.
You have foul breath.
It's foul of you to have concealed it.
The air in this room is foul.
I just opened the lid, and a foul smell filled my nose.
The peacock has fair feathers but foul feet.

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3. repulsive

Tom found Mary repulsive.
My repulsive nephew will be King after him.
I cannot imagine a time when she was not repulsive.
What a repulsive old man!
The food was so repulsive, Gina couldn't even look at it, let alone eat it.
a repulsive smell
She says spiders and rats are repulsive.
it deals with poor social conditions or comically repulsive characters.

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