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eccentrico in inglese:

1. fancy

I never for a moment imagined I'd be able to afford to live in such a fancy house.
Just fancy!
... fine, nice, nothing really fancy but on the pricier...
i don't need a fancy house or a fast car
I fancy shopping here – there are many fashionable clothes to choose from.
Fancy forgetting my glasses, it's so embarrassing.
Bob mounted the portrait in a fancy frame, but it was upside down.
This expression has really caught my fancy, as a type of English metaphorical expression not in Japanese.
I fancy that most people who think at all have done a great deal of their thinking in the first fourteen years.
lt's like fancy cheese in an old guy's mouth.
That's quite a fancy suit you've got, not your usual style.
It is difficult to separate fact from fancy.
He fancies him​self as a ​bit of a ​singer. [+ to infinitive] Who do you fancy to ​win the Cup this ​year? [+ (that)] literary I fancied (that) I ​saw something ​moving in the ​corner.
The pretty lace blouse had a fancy embroidered trimming.
This cemetery even has its own site, and there is a page “News” on it! Can you fancy news from the graveyard?!

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2. eccentric

Many scientists have the reputation of being eccentric.
an eccentric pop star
She’s regarded as being rather eccentric.
Geniuses can often be a little eccentric, don't you think?
That guy today, he's being too eccentric - I can't keep up with him.
Nobody can help laughing at his eccentric behavior.
The collaboration between these somewhat eccentric men was filled with strain and compromise on both sides, but in the end they appear to have gotten on well.
Eccentricity is regarded as a mental condition by psychologists; this is because eccentric behaviour does not conform to the general pattern.
They had room for eccentrics who were really good at their jobs.
His eccentric behaviour lost him his job.
The English politician was very eccentric. He spoke with a posh voice and always wore pink trousers.
Most people considered him a harmless eccentric.
someone who is eccentric often behaves in slightly strange or unusual ways
/ekˈsen.trɪk/ eccentric ​behaviour eccentric ​clothes
Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

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