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1. principle

In North America, business operates on "the customer is always right" principle.
A good theory is characterized by the fact that it makes a number of predictions that could in principle be disproved or falsified by observation.
i have principles
But that same principle must apply to Muslim perceptions of America. Just as Muslims do not fit a crude stereotype, America is not the crude stereotype of a self-interested empire.
So perhaps clandestine copulation simply follows the precautionary principle
This is international common sense, the great principle of resource management.
The principle difference between lettering and typography is that typography is based on fonts, which are static letterforms, and letter shapes formed by lettering are fluid and malleable.
From an ethical point of view, the great principle of technology is "responsibility to the present" but the new way of thinking, "responsibility to the future" has emerged.
This new state could in principle be any microscopic state.
Don’t move and he’ll stay still, too. In principle anyway!
Form follows function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century.
They wanted to use principles of Classical architecture in their most pure form: without ornamentation of any kind.
principle of equality, legal order
I think you need principles. Right now you don't seem to uphold any moral values.
He taught contemplation as a means of spiritual purification and the attainment of the Dao, a principle that signifies the highest spiritual ideals of mankind.

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CAE 1251 - 1275

2. tenet

tenets of believe
As 2017 ended, the influential writer and cardiologist Lisa Rosenbaum challenged the tenets of the less-is-more movement.