Dizionario Norvegese - Inglese

Norsk - English

neve in inglese:

1. fist fist

A closed fist can indicate stress.
She's making money hand over fist.
A person's heart is approximately the same size as their fist.
A man's heart is about as large as his fist.
He clenched his fists.
I love Fist of the North Star!
Christopher Columbus was notorious for repeatedly snoozing his alarm clock by hitting it with his fist. Unfortunately, his "alarm clock" was usually his first mate.
The statue shows Lincoln with one fist clenched and the other relaxed.
She raised her fist as if to hit me.
Short tempered as ever. He said while dodging Reika's fist.
At one point, I put my fist through a door.
... life, it can be fist size.
She put her fist through the glass and ran to her bed, crying because her arm was covered in blood.
The little boy was holding something tightly in his fist and wouldn’t show anyone.
In the past it was perfectly normal to get the back of a teacher's hand or fist as punishment.