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mierzyć in inglese:

1. measure measure

They require a lot of equipment, safety measures, and well-trained and qualified instructors.
preventive measures
The superior gratification derived from the use and contemplation of costly and supposedly beautiful products is, commonly, in great measure a gratification of our sense of costliness masquerading under the name of beauty.
As yardsticks to measure the effectiveness of information retrieval there exist those called 'recall ratio' and 'precision ratio'.
Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not.
Lately it's not so fashionable to measure success by how far you climb up the corporate ladder.
While the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress.
In my work, I sometimes simply determine an area with a tape measure.
There is a second way to define the Gabriel-Roiter measure which may be more intuitive.
We are, in large measure, responsible for students' success in the entrance exam.
Every time a man is begotten and born, the clock of human life is wound up anew to repeat once more its same old tune that has already been played innumerable times, movement by movement and measure by measure, with insignificant variations.
Looks, brains, reflexes, rich family and, for good measure, vice president of the student committee - in other words he's 'perfect'.
I must measure a biulding because I want to put a new conveyor inside it.
The opinions that are held with passion are always those for which no good ground exists; indeed the passion is the measure of the holder's lack of rational conviction. Opinions in politics and religion are almost always held passionately.

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2. measuring measuring

The carpenter is measuring the floor.
I like to eyeball my ingredients, mostly because I don't feel like washing my measuring cups over and over.
Money is used for buying or selling goods, measuring value and storing wealth.
The current rate is about one airplane crash every two weeks, measuring all serious accidents to all types of transport jets.
No major damage or injuries are known to have resulted from the quake measuring 3.0 on the Richter scale.
I wonder how a government would go about measuring gross national happiness.

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3. gauge gauge

My car's dashboard is full of various gauges.
We need to gauge how different conditions make an impact.
And banks are generally hesitant to provide home loans for dome builders; they’re seen as a risky investment, because there’s no way to gauge their resale value.
Look at the fuel gauge, it's dirty
the strength of the wind is not easy to gauge / to gauge what’s going on
I looked at Chris, trying to gauge his reaction.
Look at the petrol gauge in the car and tell me if we need to fill up the tank.
/geich/ Petrol gauge
wind gauge, rain gauge
It's better to gauge the situation
a fuel gauge
The consequences of a Brexit a hard to gauge
widely considerated the best gauge of fear in the market
The gauge said nineteen miles per hour.
I will use the first lesson to gauge your current English level

4. to try on to try on

I’m going to the changing rooms to try on this shirt.
I would like to try on this blouse. Can you bring me the right size, please?

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