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inizia ad imparare
inizia ad imparare
a soft, cushion-like object made of or filled with a soft material, used to prevent damage by knocking, rubbing etc
Under dog's paw
inizia ad imparare
a pad
kawałek = chunk
inizia ad imparare
The second ... in the US gives the right to bear arms.
inizia ad imparare
to touch or make changes to something that you should not
If seal has been broken or ... with, do not give clear receipt unless contents are examined in presence of delivering agent.
inizia ad imparare
to tamper
a thin piece of material such as paper or plastic that has to be broken in order to open the container and use the contents
Do not accept if the ... is broken.
inizia ad imparare
a seal
a flat container, usually with slightly raised edges, for carrying food or drinks
inizia ad imparare
a tray
at an angle of 90 degrees to a horizontal line or surface
inizia ad imparare
a small, soft creature that is like a snail without a shell/a bullet
inizia ad imparare
a slug
a device that causes a plane or ship to move, consisting of two or more blades that spin at high speed/śmigło
inizia ad imparare
a propeller
a sudden sharp pain
inizia ad imparare
a pang
I felt a ... in my stomach/A ... of boredom
psychological, mental health
inizia ad imparare
It's just for my sanity
to absorb (e.g. knowledge), to enjoy sth that exists around you
inizia ad imparare
to soak up
I would like to ...... English as much as possible.
a thick substance, usually containing medicine that is put on the skin where it is sore or injured/maść,
inizia ad imparare
the medical product that is used on the outside of the body/miejscowy, do stosowania zewnętrznego
inizia ad imparare
a rigid structure that surrounds sth as glass or door/ outside part of a pair of glasses
inizia ad imparare
children developed from one egg so having the same sex and looks
inizia ad imparare
identical twins
sb who pays rent for the use of land or a building
inizia ad imparare
a tenant
a bone between the shoulder and the base of the neck on each side of the body / obojczyk
inizia ad imparare
a collarbone
to reduce the amount or number of sth, to drink or eat less of a particular thing
After Christmas it was really hard to ........ my sugar intake again.
inizia ad imparare
to cut down (on sth)
to supervise (a person or work), especially in an official setting
inizia ad imparare
to oversee
A part of my job is to ... accounts in various entities.
to experience sth that is unpleasant or sth that involves a change / przejść coś
inizia ad imparare
to undergo
She ...(past) a surgery on a tumor in her left lung last year. I had to ... a retraining in order to excel as a controller in Ferrero.
the quality of having a lot of complicated details. Complexity
inizia ad imparare
No one could understand all the ... of the deal
the fact that two people or things look like each other or are similar in some other way/podobieństwo
inizia ad imparare
Which working environment bears the greatest ... to yours?
a vertical structure like a thin wall that separates one part of a room or building from another
inizia ad imparare
a partition
Desks in Ferrero office were separated with...
doing everything that you should do (adj.)
inizia ad imparare
a short sentence usually known by many people, stating sth commonly experienced or giving advice
inizia ad imparare
The appetite, says the ..., grows with eating.
a large number of things that you should have done before and must do now (zaległości)
inizia ad imparare
I've got a huge ... of work to do.
to be much better than other similar things or people, to be very noticeable
inizia ad imparare
to stand out
We had lots of good applicants for the job, but one ...... from the rest.
a person who doesn't work hard
inizia ad imparare
Those ... have gone home early again.
the quality in someone or something that makes him attractive or interesting
inizia ad imparare
Spielberg's movies have a wide ... Science fiction films are similar to myths because of their universal...
to use clever, secret and often unpleasant methods to gradually become part of sth. / wkradać się, wślizgiwać się
inizia ad imparare
to insinuate oneself into sth
Alien plants have ... themselves ... ecosystems where they don't belong.
inizia ad imparare
Alien species of plants were deliberately brought in for...
boring C1 / nudny, żmudny
inizia ad imparare
a ... job
a hindrance or obstruction in doing sth (e.g. speech ...)/utrudnienie
inizia ad imparare
1 out of every 100 people have some sort of speech impediment.
tough, protective outer layer of the trunk and branches of a tree/kora
inizia ad imparare
It seems unbelievable that these fragrant bits of bark, leaves and seeds were once so costly. (about pepper)
to find sth or sb after looking for them in a lot of different places.
inizia ad imparare
to track down
Pepper were once so hard to track down and transport that men were willing to risk their lives for it.
wanted by many people and usually of high quality or rare
inizia ad imparare
sought after
So why pepper was so sought after?
behaving in a way that is dishonest or unfair in order to get what you want/dishonest/niegodziwy
inizia ad imparare
Unscrupulous suppliers often mixed in commonly available berries and seeds, even small stones to make the sacks of pepper go further.
any type of plant that climbs or grows along the ground and has twisting stems.
inizia ad imparare
a vine
In India, everyone can grow a pepper in their garden as a vine hanging off other trees.
objects that are made out of clay by hand
inizia ad imparare
Pepper was exchanged in Roman Empire for pottery and leather goods they produced.
a smell or taste that is very strong, sometimes unpleasantly strong
inizia ad imparare
Pepper's hot and pungent smell and taste was helpful for those with respiratory problems.
to make a part of the body less painful
inizia ad imparare
to soothe
Pepper was also used as an external ointment to soothe itching or burning skin.
sth that deters people from doing sth/it discourages sb from doing sth/środek odstraszający
inizia ad imparare
Pepper is an effective deterrent to insects as it is toxic to many of them.
owijać w bawełnę/to talk about something without mentioning it directly
inizia ad imparare
to beat around the bush
Don't beat around the bush, just tell me the truth
oparcie (krzesła lub kanapy)
inizia ad imparare
a backrest
rising or falling at a sharp angle/stromy
inizia ad imparare
The slopes in Melchsee Frutt are not so steep
an object used for travelling over snow and ice with long, narrow strips of wood or metal under it instead of wheels. /sanki, sanie
inizia ad imparare
a sledge/sled
Mauro and Claudia went sledging in Melchsee Frutt
skurcz (mięśni)
inizia ad imparare
The guy in Touch training got a cramp and he had to take a break
a person or organisation that collects informstion and arranges it in a list, report, book etc.
inizia ad imparare
What may influence a dictionary compiler's decision to include a particular term?
polite and correct in manner, typical of a high social class/dystyngowany
inizia ad imparare
The creation of dictionaries used to be a slow and genteel process.
extremely thorough, exhaustive or accurate/rygorystyczny
inizia ad imparare
There's a rigorous system for assesing whether a new word should go in dictionary.
the distance from one side to another/the fact of including many different things, features, subjects or qualities C2
inizia ad imparare
What we are looking for is the frequency and breadth of use of the word.
to defend yourself against attack or criticism
inizia ad imparare
to fight back
But there is a fight-back.
wślizgnąć się, wtrącić coś do czegoś ukradkiem/to insinuate oneself into...
inizia ad imparare
to slip in
No no, we never slip in our own invented words
a usual or accepted way of behaving, esp. in social situations/a large formal meeting of people who do a particular job or have a similar interest, or a large meeting for a political party
inizia ad imparare
a convention
behaving in a formal way and without humour/sztywny
inizia ad imparare
You can get on with the business more smoothly than if you sound starchy
not taking care or making an effort/... clothes are too large, loose and do not look neat
inizia ad imparare
People work better if they dress comfortable as long as it doesn't get too sloppy.
pleasant and friendly, creating a feeling of comfort or satisfaction/miły, przyjemny
inizia ad imparare
I think modern offices are usually quite congenial and conductive to work
providing the right conditions for sth good to happen/sprzyjający
inizia ad imparare
I think modern offices are usually quite congenial and conducive to work.
happening and connected with another thing C2 formal / towarzyszący
inizia ad imparare
E-lancing is a response to corporate downsizing and its concomitant increased unemployment.
a person or organization that makes business or financial arrangements between companies or organizations that do not deal with each other directly
inizia ad imparare
an intermediary
There are websites which act as intermediaries, matching a client's project with individuals who will do the work.
upcoming synonym
inizia ad imparare
the latest problem in a series of problems that makes the situation impossible to accept (kropla, która przepełnia kielich)
inizia ad imparare
the last straw
That's the last straw, I'm closing my account!
lack of appreciation for help that has been given/niewdzięczność
inizia ad imparare
I'm fed up with their bad service and ingratidude!
used to describe a person who is eager or willing to help other people/uprzejmy i pomocny
inizia ad imparare
You'd think, with their jobs on the line, the staff would be more accommodating, wouldn't you?
to mix a set of playing cards without seeing their values/to move similar things from one position or place to another / tasować
inizia ad imparare
to shuffle
They only shuffle they papers without doing anything!
the careful watching of a person or place, especially by the police or army
inizia ad imparare
Governments don't want to use sophisticated encryption so that people can't go out of reach of surveillance.
used to emphasize how great, important or powerful a quality or feeling is/nothing other than
inizia ad imparare
The suggestion is sheer nonsense
to move very fast, esp. in a way that seems dangerous/pędzić, gnać
inizia ad imparare
to hurtle
The sheer volume of emails hurtling through cyberspace is our best protection against hackers.
sb's ability to think of clever new ways of doing sth/pomysłowość
inizia ad imparare
Drug smugglers constantly use their ingenuity to find new ways of doing sth
the period of time that sth exists or happens - attention or life/the full extent of sth from end to end
inizia ad imparare
Young learners have short attention span.
a person who is responsible for a crime/winowajca, winny, sprawca
inizia ad imparare
a culprit
seem (syn.), to give other people a certain feeling or opinion
inizia ad imparare
to come across
How to be more assertive in a workolace without coming across as aggressive?
to prevent further disagreement in arguments or war by giving to the opposing side an advantage that they have demanded/załagodzić, udobruchać, zaspokoić
inizia ad imparare
to appease
In the animal kingdom, smiling is a way of appeasing a more powerful animal.
a formal statement saying that you are not legally responsible for sth, such as the information given in a book or on the internet/wyłączenie odpowiedzialności
inizia ad imparare
a disclaimer
Constant use of disclaimers and diminishers make your audience feel impatient and unwilling to listen.
to make someone less confident, less powerful or less likely to succeed, or to make sth seem weeker/podważać, podkopywać, osłabiać
inizia ad imparare
to undermine
saying what you think without trying to be polite or considering other people's feelings/bezceremonialny, dosadny
inizia ad imparare
"Your wardrobe could make use of some upgrade" - That's a bit blunt
to decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later time or date/odłożyć coś na potem, przełożyć
inizia ad imparare
to put off
David had to put off our class due to his sister's visit.
inizia ad imparare
a formal design that is used by a city, family, organisation as a symbol to represent them / herb
inizia ad imparare
crest /coat of arms
inizia ad imparare
little branches
inizia ad imparare
inizia ad imparare
inizia ad imparare
to shove
inizia ad imparare
ruch na rzecz ochrony praw zwierząt
inizia ad imparare
animal rights movement
to begin a discussion about something difficult/poruszać temat
inizia ad imparare
to broach
Unfortunately, emplyees wishing to job-share are reluctant to broach the subject with their employers for fear of being perceived as not taking their job seriously.
any unpleasant thick soft substance, such as food that has been cooked for too long/breja, paćka
inizia ad imparare
a mush
These days, ready-made meals are far from being the tasteless mush they were only 10 years ago.
a small bed for a baby with high bars around the sides so that the child cannot fall out
inizia ad imparare
a cot
As a baby, I was put in a drawer to sleep because my parents couldn't afford a cot.
a relative who lived in the past (syn. ancestor)
inizia ad imparare
Until Europeans came north, the Inuit and their forebears had lived in the Arctic in the traditional way for about 4500 years.
(syn. remains) a small remaining quantity of something - pozostałości, szczątki
inizia ad imparare
Remnants of this life remain, preserved at what the Inuit call outpost camps.
a small military camp or position at some distance from the main force, used especially as a guard against surprise attack/posterunek, forpoczta, wysunięta placówka
inizia ad imparare
an outpost
Remnants of this (Inuit) life remain, preserved at what the Inuit call outpost camps, far from established villages.
a period of warmer weather that makes ice and snow melt - odwilż
inizia ad imparare
a thaw
if a liquid ..., it moves slowly through a substance with very small holes in it - przesiąkać, przesiąkać
inizia ad imparare
to percolate
Southern technology started to percolate north with explorers and whalers from about 1820 on, and the Inuit found much of it useful.
wąż ogrodowy
inizia ad imparare
garden hose
(of the weather) unpleasantly cold or wet/surowa
inizia ad imparare
This finance call will be canceled for today due to inclement weather in the Malvern area.
inizia ad imparare
The NovoU is currently down due to latency in our swimlane.
osad, kamien w czajniku albo na prysznicu
inizia ad imparare
łuski ryby
inizia ad imparare
(of something bad) getting worse quickly and in an uncontrolled way/szalejący
inizia ad imparare
Such a situation (weak working regulations) frequently gives rise to rampant abuse and exploitation of the workforce.
If a situation is ... there is little or no hope for the future/ponury, smutny, niewesoły, beznadziejny,
inizia ad imparare
... particularly women and children who work for long hours in bleak conditions for little return.
relating to the idea that poor people experience positive effects when rich people get richer and spend more money
inizia ad imparare
Although, there are those who argue that, in accordance with the "trickle-down" theory, the free trade driven by MNCs makes us all richer
a person who publicly disagrees with and criticizes their government/dysydent
inizia ad imparare
Far from being the dissident voices or far-left weirdos...
too confident and too determined to tell other people what to do, in a way that's unpleasant/apodyktyczny
inizia ad imparare
According to Bill, his parents were overbearing.
nervous, worried, having problems, if a relationship is ... there are problems. /napięty
inizia ad imparare
Bill's relationship with his parents was strained because they cared little for him.

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