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In a negative clause the negation of the verb (nicht) is placed...
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... after the verb and usually precedes the part of the sentence to be negated.
If you want to negate an entire sentence, you place nicht...
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... at the end of the sentence.
How to make a comparative in German?
pretty - prettier
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We add the ending -er to the positive form of the adjective.
schön - schöner
Is the word order in a German sentence significant?
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Yes, it is extremely significant and one should pay attention to it.
What are the genders of German nouns?
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The masculine (der / ein), the feminine (die / eine), and the neuter (das / ein); plural (die - the same for all genders).
The indefinite article (ein / eine / ein) is used when...
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... something is mentioned for the first time or it's something indefinite / unknown - equivalently to the word a in English.
German verbs are conjugated for...
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... person, number and mood.
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