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La dolçaina sonaba molt bé.
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an instrument similar to the flute famous in Valencia
The dolçaina sounded really well.
Joan vol jugar al Barcelona, ell és un somiatruites.
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person who gets excited about impossible things, someone who dreams with open eyes
Joan wants to play in the Barcelona football team, he dreams with his eyes open.
Ell es una persona amb seny.
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noun that refers to the act of being reasonable, having good sense
He's a reasonable person.
Pere és un lletraferit, sempre estudiant el diccionari.
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a literature lover
Pere is a literaure lover, he's always studying the dictionary.
Després del foc ve el caliu.
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embers that remain when the fire goes out but they are not completely extinguished yet
When the fire dies out there is only the remaining burning ember left.

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