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PUT OFF something. ---------- Despite thinking Pepin couldn’t make a good presentation, he "pulled it off" easily and did a great job. --------------- PUT OFF something.
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Lograr, tener exito con, sacar adelante. to succeed in doing or achieving something difficult. (see also: bring off).
PUT OFF something. ---------- We were doubtful that Donal would win the election, but he managed to "pull it off". --------- PUT OFF something.
PUT OFF by sth. ---------- Tiger woods often does a good play, but this time he was "put off" by a phone ringing just as he was hitting the ball. --------------- PUT OFF by sth.
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Desconcentrar. to prevent someone from concentrating on something so that they have difficulty doing it.
PUT OFF by sth. ------- Pitbull was singing well until someone came into the studio and "put him off". -------------------- PUT OFF by something.
PUT somebody OFF ---------- I don't want to "put you off" Mauricio, but that kind of car you're thinking of buying is very hard to maintain. ------ PUT somebody OFF.
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Desanimar, desalentar. to make someone not want to do something, or to make someone not like someone or something anymore. (see also: deter from).
Pedro Fernandez saw a TV show about how farm animals are killed, and it’s "put him off" eating meat. He says he might become a vegetarian... Lack of parking space was "putting potential customers off" at la Loma Store. -------- PUT somebody OFF something.
TAIL OFF. ---------- At first the new software sold very well said, Quito, but after a few months sales "tailed off" and now it hardly sells at all. --------------- tail off.
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Bajar poco a poco, Ir disminuyendo, apagarse. to decrease in amount or level. (see also: die down).
TAIL OFF. -------------- Donal said that profits "tailed off" towards the end of the year. --------------- tail off.
TAKE OFF. ---------- Cesar Lozano said, sales of the book were slow at first, but they really "took off" after it was made into a movie. Now the book’s a best seller. --------------- TAKE OFF.
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Levantar, mejorar, despegar. to to suddenly become successful or popular very fast. (see also: go up).
TAKE OFF. ---------- Ceci's career as a jazz singer had just begun to "take off". --------------- take off.
TIP somebody OFF. --------------- Police in Steeger Illinois searched the girl’s bag and found illegal drugs. Somebody had "tipped them off" and told them she was carrying cocaine. --------------- tip somebody off.
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Poner el dedo, avisar a, Informar a, poner sobre aviso a. to warn someone secretly about something that will happen so that they can take action or prevent it from happening.
TIP somebody OFF. ---------- The New York's governor had been "tipped off" about a possible Chapo's escape plan. --------------- tip somebody off.
TURN OFF something. ---------- You need to "turn off" at the next exit Franco. --------------- (turn off) something.
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Salirse de una carretera. To exit a road. to leave the road you are travelling on and travel along another one.
TURN OFF something. ----------"Turn off" the main road Ceci just after the bridge and then cross over the railway line. --------------- TURN OFF something.
RUB OFF ON somebody/something. ---------- Hopefully Tonny Robinso's enthusiasm will "rub off on" the rest of the listeners. --------------------------- RUB OFF ON somebody/something.
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Caer sobre, contagiar a, pegarse. if a quality that someone has rubs off, it starts to affect another person so that they start to have that quality too.
RUB OFF ON somebody/something. ---------- Alan Pulido’s enthusiasm "rubbed off on" the other players, and now the whole team’s playing much better. --------------- RUB OFF ON somebody/something.
RUN something OFF. ---------- Could you run down to in the photocopy room April and "run 20 copies of this report off"?. I need them for the meeting and it starts in ten minutes!. --------------- run something off.
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Hacer copias, imprimir. to quickly print several copies of something. (see also: print out).
RUN something OFF. ---------- Rose said, I'll "run off" a few copies of the article and circulate it. --------------- run something off.
DRIFT OFF. ---------- Ibanka said, my father "drifted off" while I was still talking. ----------- DRIFT OFF.
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Quedarse dormido, dormirse. to fall asleep.
DRIFT OFF. ---------- Uncle Robert said, I didn't hear the storm. I must have "drifted off" by then. ----------- drift off.
EXPENDITURE. ---------- Helen Oviedo felt her "expenditure" on a new car was justified, because she need it to get to work. ------ expenditure.
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Gasto, desembolso. the act of spending or using money; an amount of money spent.
EXPENDITURE. ---------- Mauricio is in debt, because his "expenditure" always exceeds his income. ------ expenditure.

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