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SHOW something OFF. ---------- Jennifer Lopez wears a dress that "shows off" her figure. --------------- SHOW something OFF.
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Resaltar, mostrar. (of clothing) to make somebody look attractive, by showing their best features.
SHOW something OFF. ---------- Alfonso Rodriguez bought a close-fitting shirt that "showed off" his newly developed muscles. --------------- show something off.
SHUT OFF something. ---------- Why didn’t Don Pedro make sure that someone had "shut off" the power before trying to fix the electrical wiring?. --------------- SHUT OFF something.
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Cortar el suministro de, cerrar la valbula de. to stop the flow of something, usually water, gas or electricity. (see also: turn off).
SHUT OFF something. ---------- Lorenzo said, I can smell gas. somebody must have forgotten to "shut it off". --------------- SHUT OFF something.
SIGN OFF. ---------- At the end of his TV show, Larry King used to "sign off" by saying, ‘See ya later, alligator. --------------- sign off.
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Cerrar un programa con un mensaje. to give a final message at the end of a letter or a television or radio programme.
SIGN OFF. ---------- Christina Saralegui said, It's getting late so I'd better "sign off" now. Take care and Lots of love. --------------- sign off.
STRIP OFF ---------- It was a hot night, and no one else was around, so Ceci and I "stripped off" and swam naked in the river. --------------- strip off.
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Desvestirse. to remove a piece of clothing or all the clothes that you are wearing. See also: (Stripe down).
STRIP OFF ---------- Jenny Rivera "stripped off" and stepped into the shower. --------------- strip off.
SWITCH OFF something. --------------------- Lalo said, who forgot to "switch off" the lights before left the house this morning?. ----------------------- SWITCH OFF something.
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Apagar. to turn off an electrical device [e.g. light, radio] or an engine by using a switch. (see also: turn off).
SWITCH OFF something. ---------- Lorenzo asked me, could you "switch that light off" please?. --------------- (switch off) something.
start something off. ---------- Ricky Martin "started his concert off" with a really great new song that had everyone up on their feet dancing. --------------- start something off.
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Comenzar, empezar. iniciar. to begin, especially in a particular way or by doing a particular thing. (see also: kick off).
start something off. ---------- Sergio Perez "started off" well, but slowed down halfway through the race. --------------- start something off.
SPARK OFF something. ---------- Andres Guardado said, our players were already angry, so when our captain got kicked again it "sparked off" a fight with the other team’s players. --------------- SPARK OFF something.
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Provocar, desatar, causar, encender (los animos). if something sparks off an activity [e.g. fighting, violence] or a state, it causes it to suddenly happen or exist. (see also: set off).
SPARK OFF something. ---------- The Governor of Chicago said that the riot "sparked off" violence in the rest of the city. --------------- SPARK OFF something.
STOP OFF ---------- Alberto Alonso said, We’re driving down to London, and on the way we’ll "stop off" at my friend’s house in Cambridge. --------------- stop off.
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Visitar de pasada por un rato muy breve. to visit a place for a short time when you are going somewhere else. (see also: call on, drop by (inf), stop by).
STOP OFF ---------- Ceci said, we could "stop off" in Paris for a couple of days before heading south. --------------- stop off.
KICK OFF ---------- Emmy said, the baseball game "kicks off" at 2 o’clock, and it should be over by around 4 o’clock. --------------- kick off.
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Comenzar, empezar. to start something. (see also: start off).
KICK OFF ---------- Aureliano said that the jazz festival "kicks off" next week in Chicago. --------------- kick off.
KEEP OFF something. ---------- The keeper Don Bernardo was yelling, hey, the sign says you have to "keep off" the grass guys, so you have to walk along this path and not go off it. --------------- KEEP OFF something.
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KEEP OFF something. ---------- The keepe in inglese
No entrar en, mantenerse fuera de. to not go onto an area, or to stop someone or something going onto an area. (see: keep away).
KEEP OFF something. ---------- The police officer Mike Pence said, motorists have been advised to "keep off" the busy main roads. --------------- KEEP OFF something.
LIFT OFF. ------ Thousands of spectators watched as the space shuttle lifted off. --------- LIFT OFF.
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Despegar, liftear offerta y despegar. When an aircraft, plane or space vehicle lifts off, it goes up from the ground into the air.
Planes lifting off from the runway. --------- LIFT OFF.

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