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KEEP OFF something. ------- Hey Kaz, If you want to lose weight, "keep off" desserts and fattening foods. --------------- KEEP OFF something.
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Mantenerse libre de, mantenerse fuera de. to not eat, drink or use something that can harm you, or to stop someone from eating etc. things that can harm them. (see: keep away).
Melany Trump said, I'm "keeping off" cheese and fatty food generally. --------------- (keep off) something.
KILL OFF something. --------- European settlers "killed off" an Australian animal they called the ‘Tasmanian tiger’. The last one died in 1936. --------------- KILL OFF something.
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Exterminar por completo, erradicar por completo, acabar con, to cause the death of a lot of living things, often so that there are none left alive. (see also: wipe out). --------------- KILL OFF something.
Professor Pepe Horack showed how the use of pesticides is "killing off" birds, fish and other wildlife. --------------- (kill off) something.
NOCK OFF. --------- April said, most people in our office get down to work at 7:00 a.m. and "knock off" at 3:30 p.m., with an hour off for lunch. --------------- knock off.
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Parar de trabajar, terminar de trabajar, dejar de trabajar. to stop working, usually at the end of a day.
Lorenzo said, we don't "knock off" until two thirty. --------------- knock off.
BREAK OFF something. --------- Mark Anthony "broke off" his engagement to Jennifer after they’d had an argument, but they soon made up and eventually got married. --------------- BREAK OFF something.
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Terminar, poner fin, romper, acabar con una relacion. to end a romantic relationship with someone. (see also: break up with, call off).
Melany "broke off" with Donal to start a relationship with Obama. --------------- break something off.
BRING something OFF. -------- Quito you got the top score in the exam!. How did you "bring that off" without studying too much?. Did you cheat?. --------------- bring something off.
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Lograr hacer algo, conseguir hacer algo. to succeed in doing something difficult. (see also: pull off).
It's a really difficult part to act but I think Salma Hayek "brought it off". --------------- bring something off.
CRY OFF. (UK). -------- Reynaldo cried off at the last minute. ---------- CRY OFF. (UK).
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Echarse atrás, rajarse de. Llorar Por completo, cancelar un acuerdo, suspender. to say that you will not do something you have promised to do.
Donal told the Corean president, if I say we'll be there you're not going to "cry off" at the last minute, are you?. --------------- cry off. (UK).
RATTLE OFF. -------- Diana can "rattle off" the names of all the presidents of the US. -------- RATTLE OFF.
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Recitar o decir algo de memoria, rattlear offerta para decir de corridito. to say something from memory without having to think too hard.
Veronica "rattled off" the names of all 32 Mexican states. ---------- to RATTLE OFF.
TOP OFF. -------- Ceci and I "topped off" dinner with dessert and coffee. ---------- top off.
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Para terminar, para rematar. to finish. to end (something) usually in an exciting or impressive way.
The band Mana "topped off" the show with an extended version of their classic hit. ---- top off.
ON FOOT. -------- The criminal Trump abandoned his vehicle and made off on foot. --------- ON FOOT.
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A pie. onorio fútbol, a pata. Walking. by foot, on foot.
The criminal Trump abandoned his vehicle and made off by foot. --------- ON FOOT.
SEND-OFF. -------- Diana's colleagues gave her a great send-off when she left for her new job --------- SEND-OFF.
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Despedida, sendear-offerta y decir adiós. goodbye wishes.
Teacher Melany’s moving away, so the students gave her a proper send-off. -------- SEND-OFF.
MAKE OFF. -------- The criminal Trump abandoned his vehicle and made off on foot. --------- MAKE OFF.
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Escaparse, pelarse, makear offerta y huir. To scape, or leave quickly, especially after doing something wrong.
The thieves MADE OFF when they heard us coming. --------- MAKE OFF.

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