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CLEAR OFF ---------- Mom said, I'll "clear off" your desk son so that you can use it to do your homework. --------------- clear off.
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Despejar, dejar libre. to remove things from (an area or surface).
CLEAR OFF --------- It took grandma a few minutes to "clear off" the dinner table. --------------- clear off.
CALL something OFF ---------- Donal said, we didn’t play golf today. We decided to "call the game off" because of the rain. --------------- call something off.
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Cancelar. to cancel something.
CALL someone OFF ---------- Efrain said, the meeting was "called off" because our CEO was ill and couldn’t come. --------------- call something off.
CALL OFF ---------- Hey Alfonso please "call your dogs off" of my son. --------------- call off.
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llamar a no atacar. to order a dog or person to stop attacking someone or something.
CALL OFF ---------- I shouted at my neighbor to "call his dog off" but he just ignored me. --------------- call off.
CLEAR OFF ---------- The grumpy old man Don Bernardo came out of his house and told the kids playing in the street to "clear off". --------------- clear off.
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irse, disparsirse rapidamente. Leave somewhere quickly.
CLEAR OFF ---------- The boys who’d been spraying paint saw police coming and "cleared off". --------------- clear off.
COME OFF ---------- Quito said, the top of my pen "came off" while it was in my top pocket, and now I’ve got an ink stain on my shirt. --------------- come off.
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Safarse, desprenderse. To detach from, to fall off or drop off something.
COME OFF ---------- Hey Carmen, If your parachute "comes off" after you jump from a plane, you’re in trouble. --------------- come off.
COME OFF. ---------- Teacher Melany said that the students’ plan to cheat with their mobile phones didn’t "come off". A teacher caught them and threw them out of the exam. --------------- come off.
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Resultar, dar resultado. To be successful. (see also: work out).
COME OFF. ---------- The scheme didn’t "came off" as planned, and the Trump's family lost their money. --------------- come off.
COOL OFF ---------- If you get angry Bolillo, stop, count to ten, and try to "cool off" before you say anything. --------------- cool off.
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Calmarse. Become calmer. (see also: calm down).
COOL OFF ---------- I wouldn’t bother Omero while he’s angry. Wait until he’s "cooled off". --------------- cool off.
COP OFF WITH (Slang UK) ---------- Serapio "copped off with" one of the girls at the party. --------------- COP OFF WITH (UK. slang).
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Tener sexo. to have sexual intercourse with someone. (US Get it on).
COP OFF WITH (Slang UK). ---------- Ibanka said that "copped off with" Elton Jhon at a party. ----------------------------- cop off with (UK. slang).
DROP somebody/something OFF. ---------- Essy said, every morning I "drop the kids off" at school on my way to work. --------------- DROP somebody/something OFF.
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Dejar en. to take someone to a place that they want to go to, or to deliver something to a place, usually in a car, often when you are going somewhere else.
DROP somebody/something OFF. ---------- Steave said, I'm driving into downtown Chicago so I can "drop you off" on the way. --------------- drop somebody/something off.
DOZE OFF. ---------- Jose Romo "dozed off" during our boss’s speech and started to snore. It was really funny!. --------------- doze off.
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Dormirse. to gradually start to sleep, especially during the day. (see also: nod off).
DOZE OFF. ---------- Uncle Robert "dozed off" in front of the TV. --------------------------------------- doze off.
HOLD OFF something. ---------- George Ramos said, we should "hold off" the advertising campaign on tv until next month, as consumer spending will be down this month. --------------- HOLD OFF something.
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Postergar de hacer algo, demorar en hacer algo. to deliberately delay doing something. (see also: put back, put off).
HOLD OFF something. ---------- Obama may decide to "hold off" the reform for a few days. -HOLD OFF something. ------------------------HOLD OFF something.

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