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HEAD OFF ---------- Lalo said, we’ll have to "head off" early if we want to be there in time for lunch. --------------- head off.
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Ponerse en marcha. to start a journey or leave a place. (see also: set off, set out).
HEAD OFF ---------- As soon as the school year ended, the whole Trump's family "headed off" to the mountains. --------------- head off.
NOD OFF. ---------- The movie was so boring that Mike Pence "nodded off" and his friends had to wake him up when it was over. ---------------------------------- nod off.
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Dormirse, quedarse dormido. to fall asleep, especially when you do not intend to. (see also: doze off).
NOD OFF. ---------- I didn’t sleep much last night said, Dave Papioly, so I began to "nod off" in today’s meeting. --------------- nod off.
FEND OFF something/somebody. ---------- George Ramos said, that a gang of young men attacked Donal's son in the street. He tried to "fend them off, but there were too many of them and he was badly beaten. --------------- FEND OFF something/somebody.
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Defenderse de, esquivar a, ahuyentar a. to defend yourself from an attack or from harm by pushing something or someone away. (see also: fight off, ward off).
FEND OFF something/somebody. ---------- The Mexican Police used their riot shields to "fend off" bricks thrown by the crowd. --------------- (fend off) something/somebody.
FACE OFF. ---------- Vladimir Putin and Donal Trump "faced off" in the street ready to fight. --------------- face off.
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Enfrentar, confrontar. to confront or compete. if people or groups face off, they compete or fight with each other.
FACE OFF. ---------- American Soldiers and protesters "faced off" during riots. --------------- face off.
FALL OFF. ---------- Ibanka Trump said that sales of sunscreen lotion always "fall off" in winter, but pick up again in summer, of course. --------------- fall off.
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Bajar, caer, disminuir. if the amount, rate, or quality of something falls off, it becomes smaller or lower. (see also: go down).
FALL OFF. ---------- The president of the Ford company said that the demand for new cars "fell off" in the first half of the year. --------------- fall off.
FINISH OFF something. ---------- Ceci said, There’s just one piece of apple pie left. Who’d like to "finish it off" honey?. --------------- FINISH OFF something.
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Acabar algo, termirse algo. to complete the last part of something that you are doing. (see also: polish off used mostly for food).
FINISH OFF something. --------- April said, the report isn’t ready yet, but I should be able to "finish it off" tomorrow... Oviedo said, let's "finish this one off" before we open another bottle. --------------- (finish off) something.
FINISH OFF. ---------- Don Ines said that, It was the drink that really "finished his brother off". --------------- FINISH OFF.
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Matar a, acabar con, rematar a, liquidar a. to kill a person or animal, especially one that has already been injured. (see: put down).
FINISH OFF. ---------- The British hostage lay on the ground waiting for the bullet that would "finish him off". --------------- FINISH OFF.
BEG OFF. ---------- Vicente Fox originally said he'd go to the party, but he later "begged off", claiming he had to work that night. --------------- beg off.
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Excusarse, disculparse, dar excusas... to say that you cannot do something that you have been asked to do or have agreed to do. (See also: cry off).
BEG OFF ----- Jane said, I was going to spend the day with my family at the beach, but I begged off, saying I had too much work on my desk. --------------- beg off.
DRAW something OFF. ---------- The doctor had to use a large needle to "draw off" the liquid in my swollen knee. ------------------- DRAW something OFF.
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Extraer de, drenar, sacar de. to take out or remove (something) from a source or supply.
DRAW something OFF. ---------- The Clinton's family illegally "drew off" thousands of dollars that had been donated to the charity... Donal's son drew off a little of his home-made wine just to taste. --------------- draw something off.
Whatever became of. ---------- "Whatever became of" Jose Ramirez?. Do you know where he is now?. ------------- Whatever became of.
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Que paso con?. used for asking what has happened to someone or something, because you have not seen them for a long time, or what will happen to them, because you are worried about them.
Whatever became of. ---------- "Whatever became of" Lidia Ramirez?. Do you know where she is now?. ------------------------------ Whatever became of.

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