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GET OFF something. ---------- Sandra Flores said, We can’t "get off" the plane until they open the doors, so there’s no point standing up until they do. --------------- GET OFF something.
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Bajarse de. to leave a bus, train, aircraft, or boat. (see also: get out (of).
Ceci "got off" the bus and ran towards him... Erick said, "get off" the car, son. You’ll leave footprints on the roof. ----------------- GET OFF something.
GET OFF. ------- Teacher Matt said, most Americans only "get two weeks off" each year. In many other developed countries, people get at least four weeks off for vacations. --------------- GET OFF.
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Tomarse un tiempo libre. to have a particular period of time as a vacation. (see also: take off).
GET OFF. ---------- Uncle Victor said, I’ll try to go, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to "get that week off". --------------- get off.
GIVE OFF something. ---------- The guava fruit "gives off" a strong smell which many people don’t like, but most people think it’s soft pink flesh is really delicious. --------------- GIVE OFF something.
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Emanar, desprender, emitir. to produce heat, light, a smell, or a gas.
GIVE OFF something. ---------- Emmy said, I've only got a small heater in my room and it doesn't "give off" much heat. --------------- (give off) something.
GO OFF ------------- The reporter from Telemundo said, that two people were seriously injured when a bomb "went off" in the main station in London. -------------------- go off.
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Explotar. if a bomb or gun goes off, it explodes or fires.
GO OFF. ---------- George Ramos said, after we heard the bomb "go off", we looked out the window and saw a bus and some cars on fire. --------------- go off.
GO OFF. ---------- Ceci said, my alarm clock didn't "go off" this morning. --------------- go off.
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Sonar una alarma, prenderse una alarma. if a warning device [e.g. alarm] goes off, it suddenly makes a loud noise.
GO OFF. ---------- Emmy said that the alarm "went off" in the middle of the night. --------------- go off.
LAUGH something OFF. ---------- It was another bad mistake and Barny’s trying to "laugh it off", but he might be in serious trouble with his boss this time. --------------- LAUGH something OFF.
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Tomarse algo a broma. to laugh about something unpleasant in order to make it seem less important or serious. (see also: play down).
LAUGH something OFF. ---------- Niurca Marcos tried to "laugh off" their remarks but the sadness showed in her eyes. --------------- LAUGH something OFF.
LET OFF something. ---------- Orlando "let off" a firecracker. ----------------------- LET OFF something.
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Explotar, prender, detonar. to make an exploding device [e.g. bomb, firework] explode, or to fire a gun. (see also: go off, set off).
LET OFF something. ---------- The terrorist "let off" a bomb. ----------------------- -LET OFF something.
LET somebody OFF. ---------- The corrupt politician in Veracruz should have been sent to jail, but the judge "let him off" with a warning. ----------------------- let somebody off.
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Dejar libre, encontrado no culpable. to allow (someone who has been caught doing something wrong or illegal) to go without being punished.
LET somebody OFF. ---------- The judge "let Alfonso off" with just a fine. --------------- let somebody off.
BRUSH somebody OFF. -------------- I was really upset said April; I had put a lot of work into that project, and Jane just "brushed it off". --------------- brush somebody off.
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ignorar, desairar, Brochear Por completo. hacer menos. no dar importancia. to rudely ignore somebody or refuse to listen to them.
BRUSH somebody OFF. ---------- Don't let Papioly's rudeness upset you Edgar, just try to "brush it off". ---------------------------- brush somebody off.
BRUSH something OFF. ---------- Quito said, after we played with the Mimy the dog, we had to "brush ourselves off". ---------------------------- brush something off.
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Quitarse, sacudirse el polvo o mugre con un cepillo o con la mano. to dust your body or clothing with your a brush or your hand to clean it. (See also: dust off).
BRUSH something OFF. ---------- Grandma says that the mud "brushes off" easily when it is dry. ---------------------------- brush something off.
FIRECRACKER. ---------- The dog hides under the bed when "firecrackers" go off. ----------------- firecracker.
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Petardo. a small firework that explodes with a loud noise.
FIRECRACKER. ------- Orlando let off a "firecracker". ----------------- firecracker.

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