Travelling to Lithuania - Kelionė į Lietuvą

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Lithuanian language is the oldest, still existing Indo-European language! Counting its existence since the 15th century, it has a conservative, complex structure and is rather similar to Sanskrit language. It also has two dialects and three subdialects.
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For foreigners, especially from Southern Europe, Lithuanian climate is a challenge. It is humid and unpredictable. January is usually the coldest month - it can go down to -20C while in July it can go up to +20. And in this "land of rain" it rains a lot.
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This sport is Lithuania's national treasure. Many natives still call it their "second religion" while foreigners know this sport as country's "signature". BC Žalgiris is the oldest team in the whole EuroLeague. Also, in 1997, women team won EuroBasket.
The Curonian Spit
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A 98km long drane peninsula, located near Nida. This place is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and was formed by the force of the sea, wind and human hands. It was formed about 3rd millennium BC and is separating Baltic Sea from Curonian Lagoon.
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While Australia has kangaroos, Lithuania has white storks. Considering all the superstitions, this bird could be called a national treasure. For Lithuanian people, to see a stork means luck. For a woman to see it on a chimney - potential pregnancy.
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