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'here' used for verbs which describe movement
I came here.
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Jag kom hit.
used as an answer for the question when we want to say 'no' but not directly, we want to be kind
- Do you want to go to the cinema? - No...
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- Vill du gå på bio? - Nja...
something like 'really', to describe that something is obvious
You're not really thinking of doing it?
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Du tänker väl inte att göra det?
means something between 'then' and 'so'
What have you done then?
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Vad har du gjort då?
you use this word to underline that something is obvious.
It is, of course, you who is the boss.
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Det är ju du som är chefen.
to have enough time to do something
I didn't have time to go to the library.
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Jag hann inte gå på biblioteket.
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