Georgian in 1 day

Georgian in 1 day
Start your journey with Georgian!

Learn the basics of the Georgian vocabulary
Start reacting like a native speaker!
Get to know the mother tongue of Katie Melua
Get to know some basic grammar rules and understand how to use them in practice
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10 words in 60 seconds - 10 სიტყვა 60 წამში  
10 schede
You already know that:) - შენ ეს უკვე იცი:)  
11 schede
Questions - კითხვები  
9 schede
Courtesy phrases - ფრაზები  
17 schede
People - ხალხი  
25 schede
Activities - აქტივობები  
17 schede
Number - რიცხვი  
66 schede